Welcome to Konno Performance Wear's Client Merchandise Program! 


Organizations, clubs, teams, schools and companies are constantly tasked with ordering apparel and accessories for their respective members. Konno's Client Merchandise Program allows executives of such establishments to simplify the process. Konno will work with our clients to host an online store, allowing individual members to access team branded apparel and order straight for the source. No more holding inventory, taking order information and collecting money! Simply direct members to the team merchandise page.


How the Program Works:

Clients work with their respective account managers to select and design the products to be displayed. Next, an order window period will be determined, which will allow members to order product during a specific time to ensure an agreeable delivery date. Order window periods can open several times a year, as requested. Members will then select the products they wish to purchase, fill out the relevant information including payment and shipping details, and receive a confirmation email stating that your order has been placed. Your team store can also generate income for your organization. Ask your account manager how!



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